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My passion for documentary style wedding photography stems from the experience I had myself, of getting married back in 2011. I can proudly say that our wedding day was the happiest day of my life – filled with great friends, great laughs, overwhelming emotion and all encompassing joy. Looking back however, there is one thing that I don’t remember about the day, and that is…. the photographer. When we received our beautiful pictures, it was like re-living all of those joyous moments all over again. Looking through the album, it was as though we were looking at shots taken by our own friends, who were as involved as we were in the moment, the very second the shot was taken.

The thing is though, we were actually viewing our day through the eyes of the photographer, who had managed to become so involved in the emotions and celebrations of our day, without being at all invasive. They had managed to get under the skin of our wedding – to see it as we, the Bride & Groom were seeing it. I’ve made this my mission for each and every wedding I now shoot. It’s the very thing which drives me as a documentary wedding photographer, and is something which I aspire to every time I pick up the camera.

It’s not all about having the latest gear (although, sometimes this helps!), or how many accessories you can cram onto your camera body. Nope. it’s about storytelling. Telling the story of somebody’s special day, as if it were being told by the guests themselves. For me, this is what documentary style wedding photography is all about.



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